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Smart business owners and investors knows that every financial move that they are going to make will inevitably have tax consequences in the future. Australian tax law is complex and constantly changing, but there are still opportunities to be pro-active and minimise taxes. 
As a reqistered tax agent (25167225), we can assist you in meeting your compliance requirements to the Australian Taxation Office such as lodgement of income tax return and activity statements for:

  • Individuals

  • Companies

  • Partnerships

  • Trusts

  • Self Managed Superannution Fund

But we do not just “copy and paste” whatever you tell us onto a form. By asking the right questions and developing an understanding of your circumstances, we maximise your legitimate deductions so you do not pay unnecessarily high taxes.  
We can minimise any disruption to your business and personal lives by meeting with you either after hours or on the weekends. 
The extra hours in the day that you gained by delegating your tax work to a qualified and trained accountant allows you to work ON your business and investments and NOT IN your business and investments.
Benefit from our years of experience as tax accountant and get the Peace of Mind.


We are professional partners of:

  • Quickbooks

  • MYOB

  • Saasu

  • Xero

Do you need help with bookkeeping? If the answer is “YES”, then why don’t you get the Peace of Mind by asking a Chartered Accountant.
We can either provide training or take care of the following services for you:

  • Bank Reconciliation

  • Accounts Payables

  • Accounts Receivables

  • Stock Control

  • Payroll

  • Trial Balance

  • Financial Statements

A properly prepared set of accounts will also minimise your fee from your tax accountant and the chance of a tax audit.

Professional services: My Services

Corporate Service

Companies and their officeholders need to be aware of and meet their obligations under the Corporations Act 2001. The Australian Securities & Investments Commission (ASIC) acts as the corporate regulator in Australia and penalties may be imposed for non-compliance.
Do you want to take the guess work out of:

  • what to do to remain compliant with the Corporations Act 2001?

  • what ASIC forms to use?

  • What minutes or resolutions to prepare?

  • how to prepare and complete the necessary documents?

  • where and when to submit the documents?

As a registered agent with ASIC (27946), we can give you the Peace of Mind by helping you with the above for a low annual fee. 

Business Advice

If you want to start or purchase an existing business, we can assist you with the following:

  • due diligence on the business

  • developing financial and cashflow forecast and budget

  • structuring your business

  • applying for various business registrations

  • tax planning advice

The saying “Prevention is better than cure” is highly applicable to running a business. We like to take a pro-active approach and help you avoid problems in running your business in the first place.
Benefit from our years of experience working with various businesses and individuals and get the Peace of Mind.

Financial Statement Analysis

Andrew Business Solutions provides clients with customized accounting support every step of the way. From Financial Statement Analysis to general tax services, I’m here to manage all of your needs with personalized care. I always advise clients to bring me any documents that require signing before signing them to make sure everything looks ok.

Professional services: Services
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